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In Trench, Georgiaa small town with one grocery store and two stoplightsnothing much has ever happened that is worth mentioning until now. As twenty-one-year-old Michael Lastings drives down the narrow country road to his parents house in Trench, something suddenly appears in the road ahead. After he slams on the brakes, he finds himself face-to-face with a black wolfhis dagger-like fangs glimmering in the headlights. Trench, Georgia, and Michael Lastings will never be the same again. When Seth Wake, a man no one has ever seen before, shows up at a high school dance and sweet talks Michaels younger sister Josie into letting him in, no one has any idea that he and his brothers, Ash and Ambrose, are vampires seeking a rare blood type that will ensure youth and vitality for them and their father. As the three vampires embark on a rampage looking for the only one in the town who possesses the rare blood type, they wont let anythingor anyonestand in their way. It is up to Josie Lastings, her brother Michael, and their friends to find a way to stop the cold-blooded killers before it is too late.

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