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     Is this the end of the world?  Jonah never considered such a mind-numbing question.  His attitude changed the night he began to dream.  His life from that point on started to deteriorate at an alarming rate.      His declining mental and emotional condition eventually led to the loss of his job and eventually ushered in the end of his relationship with his long-time fiancée.  Meanwhile, his fear and paranoia took a noticeable upturn over the content of the dreams and their fanatical connotations for the future.       In a final act of desperation, he touched base with an old friend who was more than happy to take him into her embrace and give him the attention he so desperately needed, repairing his head and, more importantly, bringing a welcome end to the knotted string of horrific dreams.      Just when he thought he was well enough to return home and resume a normal life, however, the dreams came thundering back in full force, sending him into a panic.  He ended up devising a last-minute plan that he thought would once and for all rid him of the shocking nightmares and their hidden messages that were slowly driving him out of his mind.   Thus began an epic battle to change the course of his future.      The end of the world?  For him, maybe.  For the rest of mankind?  Only time would tell.

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