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For Karen, life as a high school teacher in Point Hope, Alaska is about as far as you can get from adventure and romance. Little does she know, her remote and quiet village resides on the precipice of a terrifying new discovery. When employees of a secretive new DARPA research compound on the edge of town begin to turn up dead and disfigured, Karen soon realizes that she’s bound since birth to horrors untold and revelations far outside the realm of human experience. She has a secret admirer in an ageless Incubus who may be the key that unlocks hell on earth, or possibly the shield that stops an otherworldly invasion.Love just might be Karen’s salvation. In the meantime she’s putting her faith in her friends and a Colt .45.Demonic Hearts is recommended for adult readers not easily offended by language and depictions of violence.By Tony Bertauski, Robert Brumm, Thomas Cardin, J.W. Kent, Travis Morhman, and Steven Wetherell. With Robert Bevan, Renee Miller, Katrina Monroe, and Hanna Elizabeth

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