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Royce Morgan is counting the days to retirement. He will leave law enforcement and try his hand at writing. He had seen far too much violence in his career to care about crime stories; Royce prefers to work on historical novels. Driving home early on a Sunday morning Detective Royce Morgan hears a call for assistance on his radio. Being less than a mile from the location the Detective proceeds to the scene. What first appeared to be an automobile accident soon changes into a search for three missing friends of the injured college student. Early in the investigation Royce learns of pranks that had been initiated by the two boys involved. With the only one of the four in custody but unable to speak, the detective begins to follow evidence that will point in an unbelievable direction. As he works Royce Morgan has to contend with a hostile reporter, a grieving mother, and demanding parents of one of the missing student. As a professional policeman, Royce follows every lead. Mocked and ridiculed in the paper, facing an irritated commander, the detective searches diligently for the answer.When he finds it, Royce doesnt want to believe the truth.

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