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Dragon Dreams is a collection of nightmares. Common fears managed well during the day, are sometimes magnified tremendously in the still of night. Read these stories, if you dare!  A Dragon Dream Conner is a very fun happy little boy.  He has heard stories about dragons, and is hoping to see one on his trip to the mountains.  Before the night is through, he’ll learn to be careful what you wish for! Liquid Evil Jim wakes in the middle of the night to a power outage.  Strangely, he can’t hear the crickets that normally chirp all night.  Getting up to find a flashlight, he’s overwhelmed by something so sinister it saps his entire will to live. Along Came a Spider Kara is excited to be home by herself for a change.  Now she can catch up on her favorite TV shows.  A curious little spider came along and sat down beside her.  And that’s when Kara’s fear kicked into overdrive. Clowning Around Britney has an irrational fear of clowns.  Her friends know this and love seeing her get scared.  But is a fear irrational when you’re really being chased by an evil clown? Level Playing Fields Don is a good guy.  He keeps to himself, obeys the traffic laws, and doesn’t like drama.  But even a good guy has a breaking point. Epidemic Mary wins a trip to New York.  She is a germaphobe, but this is the chance of a lifetime.  Sadly, she’ll pass by someone with a highly infectious disease, and her dream trip will turn deadly. A Dragon Dream: A Reprise The little boy and his family were polluting the dragon’s environment, its home.  It just wanted to be left alone.  Dragons are clever, and this one is about to take control of the situation.

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