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Five short stories of horror... LOCKED A child is locked in a bathroom for an entire day. The darkness is bad. The growling from beneath the sink is worse. And what the child discovers in those shadowy recesses is worse than he could possibly imagine. As an adult, he tries desperately to make sense of the inexplicable, reliving the experience that will haunt him for the rest of his life. BLACK OUT DAYS Anthony Kolb, an overambitious manager at the customer support division of AsperTech, makes an unscrupulous deal to advance in his company. Driven by jealousy, he rigs the statistics to overtake and destroy a rival. Everything seems to be going fine until his rival disappears on Halloween--along with Anthony's memory of the entire day. SHAME RIDES SHOTGUN When John and Beth Hackland arrive in Austin, Texas, for John's job interview, they find they're not the only guests at their rental house. A mysterious burgandy sedan occupies the driveway, with no driver in sight. Its key drips with blood. When Beth leaves, furious at her dead-beat, cheating husband, John has no choice but to follow her in the enigmatic vehicle. The ride that follows will take him to hell and back, a journey that bends his marriage to the breaking point and tests his very soul. DORBECK'S BLUES Blues guitarist George Dorbeck wants nothing more than to enjoy the last days at his beach house. But when an exterminator hands him a bill he cannot pay, his problems literally grow legs. DEAR EDITOR Publishing requires patience and persistence. But when a would-be author has too much of both, submitting the same story over and over, he gets more than rejection slips in return. plus bonus flash fiction "E.U.L.D.O.A."

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