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The Halloween moon rose majestically above the countryside lighting the path for the small compact car careening along the deserted two lane road. The passengers in the car were Summer Johnson and Sage Calahan, sweethearts since high school along with their friends Tara Wilkens and Jason Freeman.The four left the University in Illinois earlier that day on October 31 heading for their homes some miles away in Indiana. After leaving the campus, Sage had a funny feeling something was going to happen that night. It was almost a dreamlike experience causing restlessness to rise in him. He was so tired from cramming all the tests in the week before, he felt as if he was sleep walking through life. His feelings were comparable to the twilight zone; the sensation clearly giving off the signals of how it felt in another dimension.Since early childhood, he discovered his uncanny ability to foresee the future. Some people called him psychic when most of his predictions hit the mark; while other’s called him a charlatan when things didn’t go the way he’d predicted. Today, the strange sensation washed through him again about something happening, but so far, his psyche hadn’t revealed anything to him. He didn’t have a clue what was in store for the small group.Driving through the barren country for several hours, Sage pulled to the side of the road. He glanced in the back seat and noticed his passengers asleep.Sage put his finger to his mouth signaling Summer not to make any noise. When they quietly got out of the car, he headed toward the trunk and removed a blanket.“Where are we going, Sage?” Summer whispered softly, her voice sounding breathless on the light breeze.“I want to spread a blanket and rest up,” he told her, cupping her waist with his hand. He was hoping spending a little intimate time with Summer might wash away the feeling of doom continuing to fill his head. He needed something to quiet his thoughts and this might be the solution. It had always provided him peace in the past.“I’m up for a little cuddling,” her soft giggle reached his ear.“Well, come on darlin, let’s not waste any more time.”

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