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A new kind of justice is coming. Texas Ranger Justin Graves and his juvenile-delinquent daughter, Christy, are dead, both murdered by her drug-dealer boyfriend, Billy Denton. Justin blames himself for her life of crime, so he makes a deal with the devil to save her soul: one hundred bad guys in exchange for her pardon from hell. Now, in his rotting corpse, he returns from the grave to gather the souls of killers who got away with murder.In Book 8 of the Justin Graves short story saga, the devil tempts Justin to abandon their deal to save Christy’s soul. The bait, Eleanor, her dead mother. She crosses over from the place of eternal peace and happiness to show him the joys that await him on the other side of the afterlife. But as he considers following her to bliss, events in the land of the living derail her efforts. A drunk driver is on a deadly rampage through the streets of Deckers, Texas.

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