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"I have just finished reading Duet for the Devil... A very scary and poetic noir look at that darkest of serial killers, the Zodiac..."- Don Webb, author of Endless Honeymoonfrom St. Martins Press"Chaotic, grotesque, and chimerical, Duet For The Devil is a corpse-filled tidal wave of LSD-spiked Kool-Aid crashing down and washing away all fragile sensibilities. Winter-Damon and Chandler are the Siamese twin-bastard sons of Burroughs, Pynchon, Barthelme and de Sade. The authors delight in erudite fireworks that confound the reader even while evoking an astounding realization of bizarre and hideous wonder. Perversely constructed with a taste for literary deconstruction, this novel is charged with an inextricable intensity and distorted perception youre not likely to find anywhere else ever again."- Tom Piccirilli, author of Hexes,The Night Class and The Deceased"Is it gross? Hell, yes. Its grosser than anything Ive ever written or ever read... Its a fictional foray into the purview of some of the things that most cause us to wonder about what we -- as a society -- are giving birth to... Serial murder, sexual dementia, undiluted sociopathy, violence as pasttime... and all the other details of the darkest trimmings of the human heart... It delves into taboos so mind-boggling that the likes of Richard Ramirez and Richard Speck would be jealous, and it does so with an eagerness of vision and an energy to offend. I welcome this, because that which offends us also provokes us... to think."Its a piece of ultimately wicked art. Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer meets L.A. Confidential meets Angel Heart."- Edward Lee, from the introductionto Duet For The Devil

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