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A club drug that makes ecstasy look like caffeine, Euphoria, is an instant hit, but it turns addicts into killers. Each victim brings ancient Mayan demon Grohah closer to physical life. Liverpool Detective Finn Caffrey has orders to kill the man who created it. Finn infiltrates the operation of drug lord Marchant, dirtying his hands and his conscience. He didn’t expect the added distraction of Lysa Warner, a doctor who increasingly sees the effects of Euphoria in the emergency room. When her drug-addicted teenage brother goes missing, she needs Finn’s help. A large shipment of Marchant’s heroin is due, forcing Finn to strike a dangerous balance between his deepening feelings for Lysa and loyalty to his operation. Working undercover just isn’t like the movies. Finn and Lysa realise they have more than a drug dealer to contend with when they discover the truth behind Euphoria is Mayan demon Grohah. To fulfil the prophecy of a new world in 2012, many must die in order for Grohah to walk the earth again. When Marchant captures Lysa, Finn has to make a choice. Stop Marchant, and save the woman he loves from torture and death, or stop a demon bent on sending as many people to hell as it can. Ordinary people are faced with extraordinary choices. Which is worse, the evil we can see, or the evil we can’t?

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