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The Z Evolution series of novels explores a new world in which the undead, thought to be near extinction after the World War, are rising up empowered with chilling new brainpowers. Times on earth were bad enough when the Zombie Virus went . . . well, viral, with hordes of biters swarming the healthy populations of the globe. Now the threat is a quantum leap in lethality, because evidence suggests, Zombies can learn to use high-tech weapons. First Officer Jag Streetrr commands an SSA team, state-sponsored assassins who are deployed to Zulu hotspots to neutralize the threat. It’s a fairly routine mission. But. Three elite SSA teams have been wiped out in three previous missions. The powers that be want Streetrr’s team to investigate, confirm suspicions, and eliminate the biters to short-circuit this threat of Zombie evolution. The Six-Star forces Streetrr to bring along a scientist to get answers to the most important question: Are the Zombies mutating, adapting to circumstances with fewer healthy prey to nourish their voracious appetites? Streetrr has even more urgent concerns. Among the killed on the last mission is a woman Streetrr trained — and loved — so he undertakes another, more personal motive, revenge.  

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