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No one knows who started using the word , though the term seemed to fit. Theres not one officially recognized source for the in f-zombie, but each explanation for it is pretty much true.One thing that they are is fastidious. What that means is that they tidy up after themselves, which means they look like everyone else. No blood drippings from their chins, skin hanging loose off their face, no white eyeballs or the stench of rotted flesh. If your best friend was a well fed f-zombie and was sitting in that chair on the other side of the room, yeah that chair with your stuffed teddy bear, you wouldnt have any idea at all. They tied their shoes, buttoned their shirts and combed their hair.Fooled us real good. Thats another , . Because they looked so much like everyone else, we liked to say theyd pull a fast one on you. Thats where they fool you and its also how so many people got bit.There was also the name , cause theyd show up at parties. because theyd get real agitated if you found out they were an f-zombie and didnt treat them exactly like you had before they were infected. There was the name , cause theyre just false. Last one I can remember was , cause they were coming to eat you.

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