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Matthew Ewald's (actor: Galidor, Star Trek Phase II) chilling debut novel of horror from Black Bed Sheet Books. A group of young Animal Liberation Front activists perform a raid on an animal testing lab outside of Ventura, California, not knowing that the facility, Caladine, is a secret government testing ground for bio-engineered fighting hybrids. One of the few to survive the bloodbath, now confined to a psychiatric institution, tells the tale of that night to a gifted psychologist, whose expertise lies within schizophrenic disorders. Where all have failed, she must succeed in unlocking the truth of what happened during a night hidden away in bloodshed and carnage. But, neither the doctor nor the patient realize a far more sinister truth awaits; a truth which says they are being manipulated by the scheming head of the ward, a man who keeps patients as playthings in a basement asylum. By the time they find out these motives of monsters, it is too late for the both of them. A tale of madness becomes their reality. In the end -- to hunt the world's most horrific evil, you'll need to keep your eyes open and look within. About the Author Matthew Ewald has come from a number of movies ranging from theatrical releases to made-for-cable dramas and thrillers, as well as a few A.F.I. Independent Productions. He was fortunate enough to have portrayed Nicholas Bluetooth on the highly popular science fiction/adventure television series, "Galidor," the Galidor franchise an international hit spawning Matthew his own action figure. He portrays a young Cadet James T. Kirk in the award winning internet series "Star Trek: Phase II," for the special "Origins" episode, and starred in John Murlowski’s Sci-fi thriller Terminal Error. Matthew is a member of the HWA (Horror Writers Association), as well as a published author with a number of horror stories already to his credit (three of which he had been asked to adapt into audio productions). Human Nature marks his debut novel.

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