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It is the number that should invoke fear in all of us. Does it frighten you? Somewhere lurking within these 33 tales of flash-fiction true terror exists for those brave enough to read on.Travel along with; a generations spanning cannibal clan eating their way through America to serial killers crossing paths on deserted train tracks to those unfortunate souls who have come face-to-face with the Devil. If that’s not enough, you’ll encounter vampires, giant insects, carpet-dwelling aliens, beautification procedures gone awry, soul-selling death metal rock stars, the darkest corners of science, and the extremes of parental punishment.In 666 Words presents each pulse-pounding offering in a “hit them fast and leave them terrified” jolt of precisely 666 words. It’s an ode to the classic genre stories that used to inhabit the comic books and magazines of the 1950’s and 60’s.Unless you already suffer from hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia, prepare for scares!This 30,000 word book also includes a complete short story from the upcoming full length collection Late Night Horrors.

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