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A young girl and her dog Jess are being naughty in her bedroom and her father takes the dog and locks it in the shed, Rachael lets it out at night because it is crying and once again brings it up to her room, the dog is full of mud and runs amuck Rachael tries to calm the dog down but it jumps all over her bed and makes a mess Her father enters her room once more and has had enough and takes the dog outside and shoots it, what happens next over many years is every time someone upsets Rachael the dog appears as a monster and kills the person, unknown to her a young policeman Joss discovers from a professor that an Egyptian Queen from 3 thousand years ago has somehow bewitched the dog. There follows many deaths related to the dog and the link is Rachael she has no idea and the police cannot find the link, but discover lots of evidence that finally find Rachael is the controller of the dog, through her thoughts and deeds, and she must dispatch the dog back to where it came from, and she is the only one who can do this. Meanwhile, she is trying to get on with her life, but things keep getting in her way, and has no idea why she is getting so much attention, and she keeps seeing her dog but cannot understand why, as the dog is dead, she knows this because her father shot it.

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