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A dark and wispy tale of an angry and vicious man who is hell bent on raising his wayward son even though the man committed suicide and is no longer an earthly being but a demon hidden behind a veil of shadows.Darien and Lucindas son died as an infant. The baby, whose soul was pure, rejected his evil father and his violent ways.After enduring years of abuse, Lucinda has had enough. After she leaves Darien, she finds him dead from a gunshot wound to the head.Nine months later she gives birth to another son, a son born of evil and ready and willing to be the child that Darien has longed for.What follows is a hellish nightmare with a demonic son whose guidance from a long dead father he never knew, makes Lucinda’s life a living hell. A father who committed suicide and now a nobody, a lost soul, hidden behind a veil of shadows.

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