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Following a series of outbreaks, congress signs the "Bite Act" taking away the civil rights of citizens who have been bitten by an infected person. Zombies have become an everyday part of life. Hospital and police procedures are changed to protect those on the front lines. The signing of the "Bite Act" was intended on protecting those who were still healthy but one of the side effects was the creation of a new form of human trafficking. Those who have been bitten are required to turn themselves into care centers where they spend their last hours under armed supervision but most choose to hide and find other things to do before they turn into the undead. Many are taken by human traffickers for unsavory purposes and disposed of in crude exercises of extermination. Police detectives Hunter and Carlo work missing persons with a job that has become more difficult during the zombie outbreak. In most cases they are unable to search for anybody reported as missing if there is a chance they were bitten by the undead. When a woman walks into their office with information on a missing girl they may be Hunter's unknown daughter the two men go through hell to find the girl before it is too late.

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