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Professor Noah Little sees humanity as a garden. But as any gardener knows, if you don’t weed it, the harvest will fail. Little predicts that world populations will grow beyond the earth’s ability to support, and the welfare state will bankrupt economies and encourage the proliferation of a defective gene pool that will devolve the human species. In 135 years, civilization will crash and fall into a dark ages if something is not done.In an effort to avoid the disaster he sees on the horizon, Project: Weed Killer is set into motion by Little to destroy what he classifies as the dregs of society, by contaminating the world’s heroin market with the AIDS virus.But when two of his brightest students figure out what he is up to, they decide he must be stopped! However, when they realize no one would believe that Nobel Laureate Noah Jonas Little would do such a thing ….they have to decide if the have the guts to become cold blooded murderers.Meanwhile, Noah Little is tormented by dreams where he is sadistically tortured by a hellish, animated skeleton with a sardonic Freddy Krueger sense of humor.But ….is the specter of his dreams a result of his guilty conscience… or is it REAL?

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