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Its in Karen Kranes Night Garden that she finds solace when her life spins out of control by the suicide of her fiancé. But while Karen attempts to recover and move forward with her life, there is another party interested in her—one that is seething with grasping, covetous desires. All of this happens along the backdrop of a year-long spate of unsolved, bloody serial killings.As tension builds and the mystery slowly unravels, Karens life hangs in the balance. Who—or what—is torturing her mind and trying to possess her soul? The answer will leave readers breathless and stunned. Night Garden is a suspense-filled mystery laden with alternative themes and intriguing, off-color characters (some supernatural) who inhabit her home away from home, the Cirkus Freakatorium, where nudity, fire-eating, vampirism, and body-hook suspensions are the norm.This dark tale is full of psychological underpinnings that tease readers all the way till the jarring and unexpected end. Readers who crave novels full of magick, thrills, witchy mayhem, and intensity will find true delight within its pages. Not for the faint of heart in many ways, those who are brave enough to enter Night Gardens shadowy world will emerge with their literary appetites aptly sated at the end.

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