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Night Goblin started out as the baddest high school line backer you can even imagine. At six feet four inches and 240 pounds he was strong enough to fight through a 300 pound offensive tackle and fast enough to cover a 170 pound fly boy on a deep pass pattern. Then, one night, his girlfriend's father attacked him with a fireplace poker, hitting Night Goblin in the face. Before trial, Nigh Goblin was given a choice, go to prison for a long time or else he could join the service. Having no real choice, he joins up with the Marines. They show him how to kill with his hands, how to throw knives, that sort of stuff. He turns out to be real good at what the Marines taught him. Night Goblin gets to a forward outpost and tells ol’ Sarge, “Lemme go after 'em, I can get ‘em.” I gotta argue with ol' Sarge for a while. Ol' Sarge finally lets me go out that night and I kill four of them damn guerrilla fighters. I never fire a round from my M16. When I get back to base, I show the guys the heads of them damn guerrilla fighters in a garbage bag. Ol’ Sarge he radios back to HQ. He tells the HQ boys, “They didn’t send me no Marine; they done sent a goblin, a night goblin.” Night Goblim gets in trouble and the Marines hold a damn Court Martial and then kick him out What with a dishonorable discharge and all, Night Gobln gets this really crummy job. About the only time he can have himself some real fun is Halloween night. He gets to wear a mask for Halloween, so he doesn't scare girls and no witnesses can recognize him.

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