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Stare down the physical representation of everything your terror calls home. Celeste St. Clare awakes beneath a tightrope, gazing upon the fragmented world around her. The only clairvoyance through a sea of beasts and psyche-shattering realizations is a man in a ruined suit, claiming to have control over the landscape before her. Nightmare Child delves deep into the uncharted mind, ripping through the emotions and enigma that we call being human.This book was formed from a deep desire to understand the complexities of a depressed and anxious mind. Ian is an optimist by nature, never really understanding depression and anxiety the way he thought he should. Through this journey, this embarked voyage into every corner of fathomable dark places, it has become apparent that the most sinister of pasts, and most tragic of present days, all have one thing in common--they either eat you alive or you hit the ground running. Chewed-up, spit out, ready to take on the next inner-demon.

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