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Michael Duncan, half Scottish and half Native American, should not have survived. A long haired Indian doesn’t walk away from a gun fight in a biker bar, without God’s help. He put himself in the wrong place at the right time for his death wish to be fulfilled. His life was hell on earth and he wanted out. That is, until God stepped in and punk-slapped him back to reality. God had a plan for Duncan and it would take a hard nosed, fearless son of a bitch like him to pull it off. The bikers were a piece of cake compared to the spiritual warfare he now found himself engaged in. When a terrorist attempts to blow up the obelisk known as Cleopatra’s Needle in Central Park, New York City, Glenn Giordano steps in to tell Homeland Security the answer to the riddle on the suicide bombers vest. Giordano, a researcher of bible prophecy and the occult, is Duncan’s business partner and long time friend. He was accustomed to finding unexpected twists and turns in his research of occult secret societies but nothing prepared him to find his friend Michael in the middle of a tale involving the Knights Templar and black magic. Demolishing an old building, Duncan and Giordano discover a stone box containing cryptic clues to the location of the fabled Holy Grail Chalice once left in the care of the Knights Templar. Adversaries have been tipped off to their discovery and have dispatched a black ops henchman to obtain the contents of the box, at any cost. Guided by an unseen hand, Michael and Glenn stay one step ahead in a race to find the chalice, the trigger mechanism that would start God’s apocalyptic time clock ticking. The compelling salvation story inside the treasure hunt story reveals ancient Egyptian idolatry in contemporary society that will stay on the readers mind long after they have finished reading the novel. OBELISK - A Tale of Spiritual Warfare combines fact, fiction and a frightening level of evil in this apocalyptic conspiracy thriller.

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