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Not once growing up did Ramsey Peck ever think he’d amount to anything beyond a Nobody Kid, let alone, becoming a well respected Sheriff of Jordan Valley.In 1976 His father was killed in a work accident, the only stable person in his family. His alcohol fueled mother is driven into a religious fervor that crosses into insanity.Ramsey Peck’s already tumultuous life enters a new phase. His brother and mother perish in a house fire he’s been accused of setting. He’s sent to an orphanage where the children are known as ‘Nobody kids’ and treated poorly by the townspeople.Harvest Home is a century old house with a hellish past of spilled blood down to the very lumber used to build it. Ramsey was destined for this house and the horrors it offers; his great grandfather’s evil has seen to that. Ramsey never knew about his long dead, grandfather, but they will soon come to want something from each other to survive. And live again.

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