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WOULD YOU RATHER LIVE FOREVER OR DIE TONIGHT? Deep in the underbelly of Nepenthe, California, an ageless evil stalks the night, killing without mercy, drawing weak and strong alike into its eternal embrace…and this frigid winter the evil is spreading like a black plague that threatens to swallow the city whole. THE QUESTION WILL BE ASKED OF YOU. . . . The only thing standing in its way is twenty-two-year-old Joshua, who sets out on a mission to destroy the ancient evil…and thus begins his dizzying journey into the heart of darkness, where Joshua navigates a nightmare world of clubs and caves, sex and madness, pain and pleasure, life and death… PREPARE YOUR ANSWER. . . . …and comes face to face with a horror that will test his very will to live and drive him past the point of madness and into something else entirely…something far worse. Permanent Winter is a macabre roller-coaster ride of terror that will send chills up your spine.

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