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In macabre fashion, Poison Rage charts the path of a strung-out team of paranormal investigators as they near the truth surrounding deadly rage-filled attacks in the unassuming small town of Montague, PEI. Dangerous roadblocks quickly emerge as lead protagonist Kathleen Freeborne discovers their inner demons are preventing them from getting to the bottom of the sudden and violent outbursts. Her boyfriend Mark Riley has suddenly become distant and cold, withdrawing into an alcoholic abyss. Her best friend Angela Dodson is also keeping disturbing secrets from the team and backs off from her relationship with boyfriend Jacob McCreery. Meanwhile, Detective Blaine Redmond, close to discovering the shocking truth behind the rage slowly enveloping unsuspecting people, abruptly disappears. The unstable paranormal investigators must find the detective and locate the source of the evil threatening to destroy the small town. But will their inner demons prove too debilitating? A riveting and shocking ride that will take you to the precarious edge of a frightening precipice.

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