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Rabies is a faced paced tragedy about a mutated strain of rabies with the ability to destroy the brain of its host without killing it. Rabies begins with the main character Capri. Capri starts his day like any typical slacker. He wakes up in the middle of the afternoon and begins his journey from his parents basement to the main floor. On the main floor he is greeted by his brothers dog Spike. Capri lets Spike outside to use the bathroom like he usually does but today something is a little different. When Spike enters the backyard an unusual treat is waiting for him, a dead bird with rabies. The young puppy devours his exotic meal consuming the virus along with the bird. Capri watches oblivious to the fact that Spike has never been vaccinated for rabies. Soon a small dog with no shots will be the cause of an epidemic that no one will be able to stop . . . . . . Rabies

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