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The battle raged all day, its combatants consumed with a violent hatred, where in calmer times they might have been friends. At nightfall, an acrid smoke hung thick over the plain, choking what few survivors remained. I could hear distressed cries around me, the last whimpers of the dying. Pain, fear and disbelief encircled me like a vice, under a moon too bright for such a deathly night which had only just begun. Agnès Ruiz is the author of a number of bestsellers. Her debut novel Ma vie assassinée was a huge success. She writes fiction for adults and young adults alike. Her Rachel Toury detective series has also had major success in Europe as well as North America, and several of her titles have appeared in translation a number of languages. She is originally from Normandy (France), and lived in Canada for nearly 20 years. She is married and has three children.

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