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Enter the world of a twisted religious group that has deemed their leader to be the judge, jury, and redeemer of tarnished souls – torturing the sinners to purity in the name of God. Once a soul is sponsored, there is no deviating from the path of salvation. The unwitting and unwilling are placed on the ‘Road to Redemption’, helpless to remove themselves from the path. Salvation lies only at the end of the journey. Jesse is a drug addict, a low-level thug, and a drug dealer. He leads a life of lies and cares for little but his own pleasure and ease. Despite this, someone thinks his soul is worth saving and has offered their sponsorship. When he goes missing, dealers Vincent and Duke want to find him and the product they believe Jesse stole from them. Jesse’s ex, Kate, believes something awful has happened to him. When the police and Jesse’s father turn their backs on her, telling her Jesse isn’t worth the trouble, Kate goes to Vincent and pleads for him to help her find Jesse. Travel the road to redemption - a road of murder, lies, drugs, and lost love; where unlikely heroes are made and surprising choices have unexpected consequences.

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