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It was the hottest summer on record when God finally unleashed His fury upon mankind… thus beginning, the end of all things.After the fall, the earthquakes and floods change the landscape of the planet, society crumbles and an infection consumes most of mankind, leaving the sick with a hunger for human flesh… but that is not the worst fate that is sent to devour man as the struggle for survival unleashes insidious and mythical evils upon the world.The Dark Man now walks the earth and creatures of his sick imagination will spew forth from the moist ground, worms and maggots accompanying the beasts, as they slither and crawl to slaughter the innocence that might be left hiding in this broken place. He laughs as they die with shattered minds, the madness all consuming. Their agonized souls will feed him and with those wretched souls, he will fill his prisons… while always seeking to destroy the child: the one, true Light.Traveling this chaotic new world, a beautiful woman with a forgotten past, finds herself the unwilling guardian to those who need her strength… she is coveted by a mysterious stranger with a warrior’s spirit and the markings of an ancient language upon his skin. He possesses a soul of an angel, while harboring the fury of a natural born killer.It is the coming of age for an insecure boy, forced to become a man while learning the true meaning of sacrifice for the one he truly loves…It is a journey of friendship and love for the gentle giant who will give his life to protect the quiet, little autistic girl… for she holds the salvation of all mankind within her tiny, delicate hands.Faced with an uncertain future, but bound by honor, the last Tribe will fight and die to keep the child safe and deliver her to the mystifying woman in white… who visits their dreams, soothes their souls and lovingly, restores their faith…In the spirit of Stephen King’s “The STAND”, follow the survivors as they struggle across a nightmarish and hostile wasteland … where the reign of man seems to have finally, come to an end.It is a story of love, loss and sorrow…It is the story of chaos, courage and survival…These are the chronicles of the last Tribe… and their long voyage home.

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