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A MAN FROZEN IN TIME...Geoffrey was an experiment in cryogenics. But someone forgot to wake him up...fifty years ago! Now he’s awake and finding out the world isn’t exactly the way he left it.HELL ON EARTH...The Lord led the righteous to Heaven and left Hell to literally open up on Earth. And Hell is spreading like an infection. Unfortunately it’s inside that infection where Geoffrey has to go in search of answers, the most important being: Why wasnt he taken?A JOURNEY THROUGH DARKNESSGeoffrey must face the worst that Hell can throw at him as he sets out on an epic journey taking him through The Garden, The Cavern of Gods Silence, the Island of Wails and more as the answers to all of Geoffreys questions reveal themselves and at the end of his journey his final revelation can have the power to change the world…if hes man enough to pull the trigger.

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