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“Purity and blood will keep me young and beautiful.” In days past, blood rituals were carried out for immortality. Blood meant life, pain meant power, purity meant beauty. Beth Ferguson was a young woman, pure in virtue. Her family was poor, jobs were scarce, opportunities were few…until she goes to work for Amelia Alexis, the most beautiful woman in a small village in upstate New York. As time passes, Beth learns that Amelia is not what she seems. There is a darkness about the woman, a darkness that begins to sicken and intrigue Beth, all at once. As events unfold, she learns that no one in the village is who they appear. Dark forces come into play and piece together like a puzzle. As Beth attempts to decide her own fate and future, a bloodbath looms over the small village and threatens to envelope every player in a dark, evil play and threatens to consume every soul within.

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