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Scarla Fragran shook the world. The youngest female kickboxing champion in history, she came from nowhere to become the brightest young star with the most promising future. Until it all died, along with the man she loved and the only life she'd ever known. Now, she hunts and kills, preying on the predators that cost her more than she ever thought she could lose. Working as an undercover prostitute for the police, she walks the night as bait. Her only lifeline is a man she hardly knows, but Facil LeTour is the only thing standing between Scarla and the jaws of death. Every night is a roll of the dice. She has nothing left to live for, but a million ways to die. EDITORIAL REVIEWS "The story is unique, the characterization well done, and every detail is so authentic that it lends more credence to the idea that this novel could easily be turned into an HBO series or a film...and even for reluctant readers or those who don't usually dip into horror, if they like action and they like violence, they will love this story of a troubled young woman that turns out to be far deeper and more intriguing than the standard 'girl with super powers goes nuts and kills a bunch of people."" --Hellnotes "This book is soaked in blood and sweat, hell even the cover feels grimy. The novel moves at a quick burst and is filled with gratuitous descriptions of disembowelment's, decapitations and such." --Toxic Graveyard "Fun, enticing, and pulling no punches, Scarla is a fine and very much recommended read, not to be missed." --Midwest Book Review

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