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Daiko puts noses out of joint at the crime scene, whilst Elliot manages to sow chaos at the local comic book store.Ho friend! Is your life lacking in daemonic conspiracy? Craving some surly detective action? Then look no further! Smoking Gun is the fifth episode of Harlems Deck, your fortnightly dose of paranormal strangeness. Yours for free to help chase away those autumn blues. Check it out if youre in need of some supernatural sass.(Unwrap if youre a fan of Supernatural, Scooby Doo or The Big Bang Theory. Soap addicts should step away from the box.)(...Back cover write up...)The city of Neppon drifts through the shallows, where the walls circling the mortal realm are thin. Here the daemons gather out of the surrounding night, drawn by its promise of candle flame warmth.As the election for the citys mayoral office approaches, one man stands head and shoulders above the other candidates. His reputation? A bastion for everything that is good and honest, in a world beset from all sides by horrors. But Jaret Roscan carries a secret. A secret that could bring ruin to his political career, and chaos to his beloved city.One person carries the key to his salvation. The question is, will they come forward in his hour of need?Harlems Deck; a story in instalments. Keep your hand close to your chest...

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