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# Content: - Spring Break Bloodbath (3,000 word story) - Club Kill (3,000 word story) - Tank Nuclear (Tank #1 [Promotional Story]) - Word Count: 10,500 words - Page Count: 57 Standard Book Pages # Spring Break Bloodbath (Death Days #9) Down and out, our Killer travels to Florida in hunt of young and beautiful flesh. However, a stolen wallet turns all of his plans on end and he finds himself in 'Motel Cheap'. Thankfully, today is his lucky day as a beautiful and sexy victim presents herself. What happens next will shock and surprise you as our killer goes from one worsening situation to another in a night that no one in the motel will ever forget. It's a shocking killfest filled with blood and horror as the fight to cut sweet young flesh continues to a wild climax of death and dying. With an intensity that is shattering, this 9th story in the Death Days series takes violence, horror and humor to a new level with more madness than you can shake a stick at. Not for the fainthearted. (Warning Contains One Moderate Sex Scene and Extreme Violence) # Other Titles In This Series: - Death Days Day 1 (#1 Short Story) a.k.a Death At An Apartment - Holiday (#2 Short Story) - a.k.a Fish Food - Death At An Apartment and Fish Food (Combined Story Pack) - Clown (#3 Short Story) - Taxi Driver (#4 Short Story) - Clown and Taxi Driver (Combined Story Pack) - Death Days 1: Collection (Death Days 1 to 3) - Trouble at the Bank (#5 Short Story) - The Witness (#6 Short Story) - Death Days: Day 5 and Day 6 (Combined Story Pack) - Death Days 2: Collection (Death Days 4 to 6) - Cop Killer (#7 Short Story) - Hill Billy Killer (#8 Short Story) - Spring Break Bloodbath (#9 Short Story) - Hillbilly Killer and Spring Break Bloodbath (Combined Story Pack) - Deaths Days: The Total Package (Stories 1-9) Club Kill (Sinner #2) The Sinner is back and he's here to collect! This time his target is an ancient necklace worn by the biggest whore in the club: Jang 'Pussy' Wang. Unfortunately, Jang's father is the city's most powerful crime lords. One phone call later, the Sinner has 10 cars loads of gangsters on his tail. However, this is just how he likes it and a huge gang war erupts with him at the center. Who will win the war, the gangsters or the Sinner? Download and find out inside! # Other Titles In This Series: - Blood Soaked (Story #1) - Club Kill (Story #2) - Blood Soaked and Club Kill (Combined Story Pack) - Area 51 (Story #3) - Fight To The Death (Story #4) - Area 51 and Fight To The Death (Combined Story Pack) - Sinner: The Collection (Stories 1-4)

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