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Horror. Mystery, Steampunk. Dark Fantasy. Welcome to a collection of four grand short stories. In this collection includes: The Island. In the middle of the Second World War, scientists start vanishing all over the world. When Lily's husband is snatched away, she teams up with her brother in law to unravel what is happening to all the world's geniuses. After a year of traveling the world looking for clues, they are led to a mystery island in the eye of a never ending storm. A place that holds more danger than they ever expected On The Air With Mike Gypsy And Sacheana Crow. The day started just as normal as any other for both Mike and Sacheana. The two start the day at their daily job as hosts of the radio show On The Air. Things become strange when callers start asking about strange lights and monsters in the sky. Baffled by what they are hearing, the hosts piece together what's going on, as they have no idea of what they are about to confront right outside the door Late Shift At Pennies. It is no mystery that Pennies retail store is haunted. Ghosts at as pests for all employees of the store. Their harmless activity tends to intensify toward midnight which is know to most as witching hour. People have grown used to the ghosts and accepted them as another common everyday thing. But Ian is about to discover the ghost's true motives. Alice: Winter's Tale. Trapped in a dark Wonderland, Alice Winters must travel through the Checkerboard Desert; one of the roughest places of Wonderland. Cut throats are at every turn. Bounty hunters want to deliver her head to the queen and the monsters of Wonderland stand in the way of her mission

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