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What happens when a living person is slapped by the hand of one that has crossed over into the spiritual realm? What happens to the endemic species of fish in a Lake when a rapacious predatory species is introduced in it? Is it true, as the Luos believe, that a snake must cleanse itself by licking the fresh grave of the victim it has killed or be crushed by the weight of the departed soul? And what happens when the snake is waited upon? The book explores how messengers of death are sometimes treated by the Luos and how the news of death is often received. What is the interaction between witches and witchdoctors and how do witchdoctors handle evil spells? What happens when a brazen night runner intent on spooking a lone traveler stumbles on a savage soldier returning home on a dark night after an assignment at the battlefield? These questions are explored through five short stories in this book and the readers are taken through the dramatic events and spellbinding experiences in these strange encounters, to their breathtaking conclusions.

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