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I do not consider myself to be a survivalist nut or conspiracy theorist, but receiving a golden parachute after selling a tech company I had started (It made an operating software for stand-alone internet hotspots), I had money to burn. Bored out of my mind, I was looking for something to occupy my time other than vacations in Bali or Bora Bora. Feeling a bone deep belief in upcoming disaster, I built a compound.The compound itself was a marvel of ingenuity, providing a long term, sustainable environment for various numbers of people, depending on the needs. In other words a safe retreat, called the Farm, in which to ride out almost any type of disasterMy wife and I had become snowbirds after the sale of the company, living the winter in Arizona and the summer in Washington State. So, of course when disaster struck we were 2,000 miles away…My journey was long, dangerous and filled with many hardships. Join me as I fight off enemies and find friends and companions as we struggle to reach the Farm and start the process of both surviving and rebuild our world. Join us as we look for a chance, a chance at survival.

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