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These tales of terror are a collection of some of the most popular scary stories I’ve published. The books sell individually for $2.99 each but you get them all packed into a single book. Quite a bargain. Read them late at night before going to bed.The Thirteenth Stroke is my latest and I love this one. The suspense becomes unbearable. What if a clock struck thirteen? I would recommend you never buy a clock with a skeleton made of human bones on the piece. The Curse is my take on the ever scary Monkey’s Paw. If you are ever given the chance to make three wishes, you might want to pass. You’ll be on the edge of your chair or bed as you read the terrifying ending.Forbidden Road was inspired when my grandson and I were out fishing. We passed a scary looking road and started joking. I called it Forbidden Road and this story was born. Once again the horror is revved up at the end. You won’t believe the ending.Robert the Doll is scary. When you read tales of dolls that are seemingly alive, there’s something devious in them. We all have dolls somewhere in the house. This story was inspired by a supposedly true story.The Rash will make you leery of what you touch in the woods. Like Forbidden Road, fishing is the setting for the story.Creepy House is a psychological thriller. We find a woman alone in an old house during a thunderstorm with an escaped mental patient on the loose. This story has turned out to be my most popular horror story.Hickory Dickory Dock A twist to the children’s poem that will give you the creeps.

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