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"A sick part of me hoped they would run after her, kill her and maybe get their feed -- giving us one more uneventful night and leaving us alone. Don't judge me. Ethics and morality no longer exist in our world. It's a luxury of the past, afforded only to those who had future." T.M. Williams changes the cycle of the zombie evolution from extermination to adapation in this new generation of the Undead. The year is 2021 and the infection is spreading rapidly through the world. These zombies are conniving, smart, quick, and acting on raw primal urges, robbing the world of humanity. They possess an unnatural intelligence and completely lack a moral compass. View the apocalypse from the eyes of the innocent to those newly infected -- from individuals such as the President of the United States to a mother protecting her child at all costs, making decisions no parent could expect. The Apocalypse takes the reader on a psychological and emotional thrill ride with an ending sure to leave you thinking long after the last page has been turned.

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