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A 20th century aristocrat deserter runs psychological rings around a group of psychiatrists gathered to assess the result of his lobotomy-the first ever conducted in wartime Britain–as well to get him to finally admit to a series of heinous crimes involving the crude hybridization of man and beast. But, the patient is not at all what they expected. Wholly demented prior to, not one, but two, otherwise botched operations, his silver-tongued intelligence, in between claiming to be trapped in his current existence by way of a cosmic anomaly, edges precariously close to disclosing both malpractice and an illicit intimate relationship with the operating surgeon who betrayed him. With authorities closing in and for fear of being considered complicit, the surgeon revealed his lifelong lover's hiding place as being on a remote Scottish isle. Insisting he was created from pure energy by a future version of humankind, while making references to the 21st century, the patient will only admit to similar atrocities documented in the 18th, deftly denying any involvement with those occurred in his current lifetime. Regardless of the patient's clever upper crust wit winning the day, he is still deemed loopy as a hula-hoop. Otherwise affable and astoundingly astute, though, the result of his operation can only be considered a groundbreaking success in the field of neurosurgery. As a result, patient and doctor embark upon a tour entailing a series of medical conferences throughout England as they head towards the isle, turned military asylum, where he will live out his days. En-route, the worst storm in memory affords an opportunity for escape and the ultimate revenge as the roles of patient and doctor are reversed.

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