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Texas Ranger Justin Graves is a tenacious homicide detective and an outspoken advocate of victims rights. Respected by his peers and feared by criminals, they simply call him "Justice." In this opening to the Justin Graves Horror Series, the relationship between Justin and his sixteen-year-old daughter, Christy, deteriorates. The conflict comes to a head when they are both murdered by her drug-dealer boyfriend Bill Denton. Clinging to each other, they spiral into a fiery realm where Justin makes a deal with the devil to save Christy’s soul: one hundred bad guys for her pardon from hell. But the devil is not easily pleased. There are strings attached to this deal.Justin can’t simply kill the bad guys; he must trick them into causing their own deaths. If he fails, he too will spend eternity in hell. So now, in his rotting, smelly corpse, he returns from the grave to dole out justice to killers who got away with murder. (Note: Most of the cases depicted in these short stories are base on true crimes.)

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