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Old house that were "Haunted House" encountering ghosts terrifies us mortals. We learned almost instinctively that we had no business being in the haunted house after nightfall. But the price was right, it was a beautiful place, and it was close enough to my mother's house, easily to walk. Sure it was haunted, but I don't believe in ghosts. Josh was the skeptic, I had experience with ghosts, so no big deal- right? It started with shadows, then but when they started wandering around the house... now that freaked me out!! It was very strange. The shadow would be in the center of the room. I'd enter the room, the shadow would be all way across the room in an unlit corner. After the shadows, came the footsteps and voices. IT scared the crap out of me every time. Sometimes it sounded like overhead conversations while other times, only one voice could be heard. When it first started, I assumed it was my television. However, after peeking out the TV was off. Paranormal Activity occurs at between 2:00 am and 3:15 am. Base on true events.

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