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Someone is killing hipsters. That’s bad news for David, a hip young twenty-something living in Melbourne’s trendiest suburb, Brunswick. And heck! He was having enough trouble just finishing his first novel. Will David and his fellow inner-city dwellers survive? Or will they too succumb to the soon infamous ‘hipster murderer’? One thing’s for sure, the body count is rising and hipsters are running scared. Can David outwit the killer? And will he finish his novel before it’s too late? This is a story about how the writing process can be brutal, and tedious, and violent. It’s about why we write and why we must write. It’s also about a monster, a girl, and a whole lot of dead hipsters. The Hipster Murders features themes of sacrifice, ambition, and obsession. It’s about what writers must do to live a creative life. How much they must endure to create their art and, how their art affects the people around them. How often, the brunt of a writer’s infatuation is worn by the people who love and care for them. How they too must tolerate the highs, the lows, the loneliness and pain of the writing process. It explores the struggle that ordinary people face when expressing themselves creatively. They say everyone has a book in them. But getting that book out is usually a gruelling, pain-staking process. One which is undergone alongside life’s other responsibilities such as work, family, social engagements, and romantic relationships. This story is about how we embark on creative writing projects purely because we love the art form. And how we continue, despite the days when nothing comes to mind, when the inspiration runs dry, when we’d rather be doing something, anything, else. Ultimately, it’s about learning to live a creative life without sacrificing what makes life worthwhile: the bonds we form with family and friends.

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