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New England in the late 1980's.  A Boston detective, Donna Montaine, after blowing an undercover Missing Hooker case, is put on file duty as punishment - cleaning up / archiving Cold Cases.  That's when Montaine comes across a 10-year old Cold Case named "Virginia Case": Four missing girls, all named Virginia, all inspiring models, all auburn hair and green eyes ... Montaine is drawn in.  Then Montaine's sister, Laura, a model in Manchester, NH, dating her boss, Derek Von Gere, distracts Montaine from the Virginia Case.  Why?  Derek's wife, Gini, a model, was killed mysteriously several years ago.  When Laura, smittin' and spontaneous, moves into Derek's old family estate, the Chester House, Montaine's focus shifts further to her sister thinking her in danger.  And left alone at the Chester House, Laura begins to fall into a different danger ... the encounter of a dead woman and the meeting of four missing girls ... unbeknownst to Montaine, she never really stopped working the Virginia Case.

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