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Described as a cross between Stephen King's seminal short story, The Green Mile and Frank Capra's beloved holiday classic movie, It's a Wonderful Life, The Lifeguard opens with an impossible happening. A grieving Rita Wishwood stands weeping in her kitchen when a sudden spark intervenes. Twelve o'clock and her life, her world stops in the breach between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. In those frozen seconds, a miracle arrives and time spins back returning Rita to earlier that day and the tragic circumstances involved. Yet how? And why? The answers lie Rita's recent past. Three weeks before Christmas her ex-husband, Neville's 'accidental' meeting with a strange young man instigate a series of inexplicable events. Although the young man appears innocuous, Neville, his family and best friend Dell soon conclude their enigmatic new companion possesses powers beyond their comprehension possibly placing everyone involved in danger. Or have they read the signs wrong? Is the stranger a much-needed agent of change in Neville's life? That answer is revealed in a very surprising way.

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