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...Because of human existence, they have been forced to retreat to the most uninhabited places on Earth; but no longer. Things are about to change...When a mysterious creature comes to Josh and May in the night, injured and desperate, they are swiftly allured by his humanlike qualities and agree to offer refuge.But in the morning, they awaken to tragedy.As whispers of a new species reach the public, Josh must make difficult decisions regarding the creature’s fate. Should he take the two-million-dollar reward, or remain loyal to May, who has already promised the creature indefinite asylum?When his plans go awry, Josh finds himself facing the brutality of the deceived creature, and as a death toll begins to grow before his eyes, Josh must somehow convince May that the creature is not as innocent as he claims to be.Before they know it, Josh and May are running for their own lives, and their only chance of survival — and that of humanity — rests in dangerous hands.

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