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A mind-boggling action-packed science fiction horror thriller! Deep in the depths of Mars astronauts discover a celestial energy sphere and scientists enter a colossal mind-blowing gateway, with trillions of portals, and are chased throughout the depths of space by something hideous with tremendous celestial powers, as ancient as the universe, that has been waiting on their arrival! Astronauts are rescued after crashing on Mars, and are taken to a Mars base, where they check out dead astronauts they discovered at the crash site, and why they were there, and discover hundreds of declassified military and security material buried away in an old library and they start answering what happened. A highly advanced black hole probe is launched into a laboratory black hole and on its reappearance the black hole explodes and engulfs astronauts and scientists and they are hurled out the universe and on a mind-bending trip, and find themselves trapped in an ancient celestial gateway with an ultimate deadly existence, trying to annihilate them, and they are chased across the vast reaches of the cosmos, hurling through deadly mind-bending galaxies and celestial objects, through different forms of celestial gateways, and supernatural gateways, and emerge on amazing worlds and destinations, from the center of space to the outer limits, and enter a colossal black hole, while encountering the strangest mind-bending existences.

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