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When a small-town sports reporter decides to do a feature on a local pro football bad boy, he finds himself running in all the wrong circles. Of Hell. The Midway Monster is a short story of monstrous magic. From the story: "Marcus “Mack” Henry is a back-up inside linebacker for the big boys, a team that practically invented the position. The guy ahead of him on the depth-chart hits so hard, his opponents' ghosts wake up in the Hall of Fame. So even though Mack sees the field rarely, and then on mop-up duty, he is, as they say, made. He is also, as they say, idle. Being made and idle on a bye weekend in his hometown resulted in some fairly off-color behavior. Off-colors like red (emergency lights), blue (cops) and black (Mack’s reputation as a gentleman and a scholar.) Ultimately, charges were dropped, the girl, also a local, a college sophomore, fell silent, and Mack scampered back to the less violent confines of the gridiron."

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