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There's a magic show in the inner city tonight. It offers more than the typical cheap tricks. It offers a finale that is both mind-blowing and body-ravaging. Are you ready for the Murder Cage? Find your seat because the terrifying show is about to begin! See the pretty girl enter the infamous cage. Watch her lifted into the air and cut to ribbons while the magician cavorts below. Witness the miracle of her return to stage, unmarked and unharmed. In this magic show of the damned, appearances are deceiving. Two people are drawn into a world of occult danger: Detective Dick Winthorpe has an impossible death for a case, one that ties to concealed crimes from the city's past. How many more victims will the Murder Cage claim before he learns its hellish secrets? Muckraking reporter Clarissa "Clark" Reynolds has a passion for investigating weird cases as well as antagonizing the police department. Is her drive to unravel the Murder Cage's mysteries more than a professionally motivated? In The Murder Cage, C. C. Blake performs the ultimate killer magic trick. This 15,000 word novella is an action-packed thrill ride, a suspenseful nightmare that will keep you up after bedtime.

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