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'The Paine Principles' is Kinga Paine's first collection of some of the most shocking horror and terror stories.  Each short story that awaits you is based on how far some human beings will go to inflict suffering upon one another in this world... and the next.  Allow Kinga Paine to reveal to you the depths of mankind's evil... Contains: Cemetery Dance Sunburn Cell 2 Cell Apocalypse Bitch Rampage *CEMETERY DANCE*  Amazon and ibooks Top 100 'Horror/Occult' Short Story Bestseller. Samuel wants to escape the world of the living and he discovers a grimoire that holds the secrets of awakening the dead souls of his local cemetery.  He falls in love with a dead lap dancer whose skeleton he uses as part of the ritual. When the flesh returns to her bones, she leads him into the decaying underworld of the cemetery... but at a deadly cost! This is a 5500 word story that is perfect for a quick and horrific read. Would you dare to read this story before you turn in for the night? *SUNBURN* In 2012, sixty-seven people in the USA died from extreme exposure to the Sun. 40 died from Sun-poisoning; causing the shutdown of vital organs resulting in heart failure. 22 died from extreme dehydration. 4 died from all-day exposure to a hot sun resulting in sickening third degree burns to the whole of their body... HOLLY died when she was rendered paralyzed by a crazed killer, doused in cooking oil and left to roast on a quiet beach on the hottest day of the century... WARNING: This 4500 word Extreme Horror Tale is NOT for the fainthearted!! *CELL 2 CELL* Jack answers a call from a blocked number, a girl is crying for help on the other end, she has been kidnapped and tortured.  At first he thinks it's a prank but as the call continues he realizes he has just been caught up in something that is going to change his life forever... With enough twists and turns to keep you on the edge of your seat, 'Cell 2 Cell' is Kinga Paine's latest venture into the darkest parts of your mind. WARNING: This 7500 word horror thriller tale is NOT for the weak of heart!! *APOCALYPSE BITCH* When society collapsed, it wasn't men who inherited the earth... Jacobs is on a mission, his plan is to gain access to the one they call the apocalypse bitch, but he has to survive the city and the horrors that await him inside. Jacobs has a plan and a proposition, one that will decide her fate once and for all, but will anything pull her away from the terrible desire to inflict suffering upon others? This is not just a simple story about the end of the world. Zombies didn't rise up and attack, a virus did not wipe out mankind, nuclear weapons did not scorch the planet. There was not even the promise of an alien attack or reversal of the magnetic poles, no world war, no decay, no nuclear winter.  No, the end came when humans gave up on the world and the universe around them and decided to fight amongst themselves, causing a breakdown of society. This 6500 word story contains scenes of gore and torture so be warned. *RAMPAGE* This is Melissa's confession - 'Rampage: Schizophrenic Mass Murder', is a shocking written confession and partial transcript copy from the case involving Melissa Roberts and the killing of 42 innocents. This includes part of the initial transcripts of the first interview with Melissa Roberts, mass murderer... and her other self. ** Total 30,000 words, about 100 pages of madness...

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